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A long time ago in 2014 – KONT & WERT at Zollstrasse

My first visit of the hall of fame at Essen’s north side (Zollstrasse) dates back to the year 2014. This visit was a trigger and after that I hopelessly was hooked to graffiti. The pictures shown below were made in June 2014. Advertisements

What’s left after dismantling old community college (VHS)

Already in 2004 the building of the old community college in Essen has been left and given over to ruin. High exposure of asbestos made it difficult to demolish and led to a repeated postponement of those plans. Finally, in 2014, it was more a process of slow and careful dismantling. What remains is a […]

Another backflash to the younger city history

Winter continues with boring weather. So what more is there to do for me than to stroll down memory lane to the year 2015, when CVA enraged the local authorities with a creative intervention to design „Stadtzeichen Water“, an entrance gate to creative quarter north at Fontänengasse, more colorful. That fancy image was too much […]

A long time ago in History of Essen

I am tired of the winter even if it just has begun. It’s wet, muddy, cold and more than uncomfortable. I will not go out to explore something new, but looking back in time and in my pictures, there is a lot to be found, worth remembering and sharing.

Villa RÜ in December

Villa RÜ 2017 -> click

Facade greening – Essen style

And, as if we don’t have enough fast food chains in town, a new branch of „Frittenwerk“ has been opened on 17th November at Porschekanzel. And why should this be mentioned in a blog mainly focused on street art?

Oldies but goldies

Essen main station, platform 1 IFM (2015) In the universe of graffiti as old as the hills

Oldies but goldies

Dominik Hebestreit aka Birne (Wuppertal) Part of project „Wände Südost“ (2012) Wüsthoffweg

Unicorn in the morning …

… allay gief and sorrow 1Horn am Morgen vertreibt Kummer & Sorgen Seen in passing; Viehofer Straße 34

Lichtwendel – Creative Quarter North has got a new light installation

In a competition of Essen Marketing GmbH, which is the driving force behind Essen’s annual Illumination Weeks, art-project „LichtWENDEL“ of Lars Meeß-Olsohn prevailed. The project was realized at Kopstadtplatz, which is a marker for one of the entrance gates of Creative Quarter North. As it is illuminated with coloured light, it has an interesting effect […]