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ÜBEL and others seen at Essen Hbf Advertisements

Ladybug – Landing or Lift Off?

Not long ago, in January, EINSA CE has had a solo show at Sold Out Gallery in Bochum. I have been there and spent a long time viewing his creatures. Non more so his chameleon with its eye rolling mechanism and this bug! Now it has followed me to Essen. I hope it will stay […]

Weltbaustellen NRW – Essen

Yesterday 5 pm the new mural of BASTARDILLA & Gabor Doleviczenyi at Dreilindenstraße 70 in downtown Essen has been opened in a public ceremony. As a guiding theme they have chosen education for their mural, for everything is nothing without education. The cherry on the cake was the removal of the scaffolding during the celebration, which was […]

Oldies but Goldies

Bus stop Oberschlesienstraße; GIGO PROPAGANDA

Weltbaustellen NRW – Essen

I would like to draw your attention to a new mural in Essen. Working process just has been started and actually there is little to see at the site. It is a collaboration project of BASTARDILLA (Bogotá/COL) and Gabor Doleviczenyi (Essen). As the wall should be officially opened with a party on 4 October the […]

Seen in passing

Paste-Up; A1ONE Schützenbahn

Hafendampf 2017 – After the jump

Even in bright weather that location below motorway A42 at Hafenstrasse, where Hafendampf is domiciled every year, is a dusky place. Passers walk their dogs, cyclists on their daily routes rush past on their way for excercises and traffic – cars as well as trucks – is on buisiness.

Hafendampf 2017 – 2nd day of the jump

Sunday and second day of Hafendampf – unfortunately the fun’s going to end already in the evening. An agreement has been reached between autumn and summer; the weather had calmed down to a bright and dry day in blue and white with an acceptable temperature. The absence of JBCB was my only small downer. For […]

Hafendampf 2017 – 1st day of the jump

Citizens of Essen normally don’t know that we have a city port and when they know about, they mostly think of soccer as the stadium of Rot Weiss Essen is located at Hafenstraße. The senior generation probably will remember that Hafenstraße once was notorious for it’s red lantern district. Today Hafenstraße houses one of Essen’s […]

Is Hafendampf already casting shadows?

Today I have made a walk at one of my favorite street art spots in Essen, one of our Halls of Fame. I try to visit „Auf der Donau“ frequently and find something new again and again. Artists playing there have to be very good otherwise their pieces die a sudden death. The pieces I […]