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Hafendampf 2017 – After the jump

Even in bright weather that location below motorway A42 at Hafenstrasse, where Hafendampf is domiciled every year, is a dusky place. Passers walk their dogs, cyclists on their daily routes rush past on their way for excercises and traffic – cars as well as trucks – is on buisiness. Advertisements

Hafendampf 2017 – 2nd day of the jump

Sunday and second day of Hafendampf – unfortunately the fun’s going to end already in the evening. An agreement has been reached between autumn and summer; the weather had calmed down to a bright and dry day in blue and white with an acceptable temperature. The absence of JBCB was my only small downer. For […]

Hafendampf 2017 – 1st day of the jump

Citizens of Essen normally don’t know that we have a city port and when they know about, they mostly think of soccer as the stadium of Rot Weiss Essen is located at Hafenstraße. The senior generation probably will remember that Hafenstraße once was notorious for it’s red lantern district. Today Hafenstraße houses one of Essen’s […]

Is Hafendampf already casting shadows?

Today I have made a walk at one of my favorite street art spots in Essen, one of our Halls of Fame. I try to visit „Auf der Donau“ frequently and find something new again and again. Artists playing there have to be very good otherwise their pieces die a sudden death. The pieces I […]

Hafendampf #5

Hafendampf 2013 ROOKIE THE WEIRD (links) QURT QUMI x HERR ORM (oben) SEMOR x POUT (unten) I would like to draw your attention to this year’s „Hafendampf“. The idea of an annual graffiti jam in Essen was born 2013. It was named after the location where it takes place traditionally – Essen’s little known city […]

Hafendampf 2016 – Back to the roots (After the Jump)

Summer pauses and Essen City Port has calmed down now. It was the 4th edition of Hafendampf with DJ´s playing and some great graffiti to watch in process and the time passed much too fast. All those illustrious guests have gone and passed off rich gifts. The walls will enter a long sleep until next […]

Hafendampf 2016 – Back to the roots (2nd day of the Jump)

Sunday and 2nd day of Hafendampf; all my hope for cooler temperatures and a breeze were in vain. Summer can even do more and offered evidence – that couldn’t stop me. The sound of shaken spray cans and the smell of fresh spray paint could have been noticed from far away. Hafendampf was far from […]

Hafendampf 2016 – Back to the roots (1st day of the Jump)

This weekend was awesome. Graffiti till the cow comes home and temperatures just below the boiling point! Hafendampf is back home in Essen City Port at Hafenstraße, where it was born in 2013. The event had to be outsourced in 2014 and 2015 due to construction works at the harbour site, but this year it […]

It’s getting better and better – I can’t wait any longer

It’s a must go!!!

A Retrospective to the Year 2015 (Part 2/3)

I looked out of my sleeping room’s window in the early morning, and it’s just occurred as it was promised by the forecast; I feel for all those carnival revellers on the roads. No problem for me, because I have a hot cup of tea and reminisce in the pictures of the last year. That […]