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Köln Südbahnhof – SEI LEISE x RISING F ART

Trainpassengers leaving Cologne Südbahnhof nowadays are dismissed by a little boy with an old fashioned trunk, who seems to look after the trains. The style fits well this old fashioned railway station. There is only one thing missing now: someone to welcome arriving passengers leaving this nice old station after their journey – my favorite […]


Köln Hbf CARN  

MEOW – Well roared, kitty!

Pola Bergmann has adopted „museum für verwandte kunst“ from her mother and has committed herself to the mission of promoting young and little-known artists. The former museum, situated in Colognes trendy neighbouhood „Belgisches Viertel“, in Genter Straße 6, is now called KUNSt&So, with Pola Bergmann as director. The actual exhibition „WE DON’T SLEEP AT NIGHT“ presents […]


The tiny little boy (SEI LEISE) is sitting crouched and sad below the paste-up of a wrestler made by ROBI THE DOG. This may be one of the last paste-ups glued by the Swiss artist in Cologne. He died at the age of 38 in August 2016. The little boy is not the only one […]

Cucumber Time is over for 30works Gallery

After summer break 30works Gallery (Cologne) continues the season with a selection of artworks from their stock. You’ll find works of Jörg Doring, Thomas Baumgärtel aka BANANENSPRAYER, Salva Ginard, Peintre X and, and, and…

Grace Jones – Martin Bender aka BNDR for Electronic Beats Festival Cologne 2016

Wir wollen Kunst ohne Kommerz – nicht Scheiss ohne Herz (We want art without commerce – no shit without heart)

Superman and other Superheroes

Cologne drives me crazy!  Whenever I pass though, mostly by train, I discover something new along the tracks. Last week I had to change the train at Cologne main station and as I had a lot of time, I went back and forth the platform, when a Mural of Superman far away at a wall […]

Gallery 30works shows „Heavy Metal“ – Solo Show Thomas Baumgärtel aka DER BANANENSPRAYER

Heavy Metal normally is not my taste. Too hard, too shrill and much too loud! Using metal as canvas in an artistic process is strange. Those surfaces are distant and cold but to use metal in street art is already a tradition since the beginning of this artistic movement in the 1980ies. In absence of […]