Seen in passing Bochum Langendreer Advertisements

Once a year the neighbourhood at Adlerstraße and Sternstraße celebrates a big party. Street artists then take the chance to do what they do best: they bring colour to the game. STRIPED GUYS has done a great job. P.S. After the publication of this article I got a message, that most of these pipe cleaner […]

In October TRANSURBAN has moved to Bochum and will come to its end for this year with a big party. I would like to draw your attention to a number of thrilling events: 11.10. – ? Mural by THE TOP NOTCH & DEMON (Weiherstrasse/Knüwerweg) 17.10. – ? Mural by Denis Klatt aka HIFI (Hermannshöhe/Franz-Vogt-Straße) 23.10. […]

I must confess, I’m not a good sailor. I always get seasick when I see a ship from afar and with horror I remember a whale watching trip in Cork a long time ago, when I had taken the chance to feed the fish extensively.

ÜBEL and others seen at Essen Hbf

Not long ago, in January, EINSA CE has had a solo show at Sold Out Gallery in Bochum. I have been there and spent a long time viewing his creatures. Non more so his chameleon with its eye rolling mechanism and this bug! Now it has followed me to Essen. I hope it will stay […]

Yesterday 5 pm the new mural of BASTARDILLA & Gabor Doleviczenyi at Dreilindenstraße 70 in downtown Essen has been opened in a public ceremony. As a guiding theme they have chosen education for their mural, for everything is nothing without education. The cherry on the cake was the removal of the scaffolding during the celebration, which was […]

Bus stop Oberschlesienstraße; GIGO PROPAGANDA

In October 2015 Hall of Fame Düsseldorf Eller has been opened. They were there from the first beginning – TEAM ENDZEIT. One could say that they are a constant value for that Hall of Fame and may be considered as „part of the inventory“. Hall of Fame Düsseldorf Eller (2015) Hall of Fame Düsseldorf Eller […]

I was at Hall of Fame Düsseldorf Eller to see it after its latest face lifting, and lo and behold, I found out that DE STRASSENMAID & METRAEDA, mostly known for their paste-ups, have gone to extremes. A colloboration between Cologne and Düsseldorf – thus, it is posssible!